Why is it important to invest in Digital Marketing this 2021?

Today the importance of the digital sector is increasingly important. We know that more and more people are surfing the internet and making use of digital tools . The online trading has also done more than take off, for this reason, companies should they be made available through Digital Marketing activities. Since this helps to reach the specific customer faster and correctly with a low investment. In addition, these types of techniques not only add value to merchants, but to consumers themselves. That is why we will give you these 5 reasons why you should invest in digital Marketing, and why this is the best option for any business.

Increase conversion
Being on the internet, or having an online store does not guarantee sales, it is also a misconception that having visits indicates that people want your product, it may be that the need exists but you must make your product stand out that it is the best, and act when appropriate to give an answer. This can only be done through digital marketing and segmentation. Propose a digital marketing strategy that involves actions in social networks, positioning services, both seo, sem or both, email marketing To promote your store to the right audience. Perhaps this is one of the most important parts of ecommerce, the right way to maximize your sales, and for this you cannot miss digital marketing .

Know the return on investment
Thanks to current tools, today we can know exactly the money invested in digital marketing and its return . This allows you to have a much more specific budget so that the actions work correctly, for example: within SEM positioning you can make various types of campaigns, ads within search engines or display, shopping, remarketing. And these do not work equally well in all businesses, digital marketing allows you to do experiments (a / b test) and check the effectiveness of each of the strategies. With the conversions tool you can prioritize the type of ads, and you must also know the acquisition metrics to keep improving continuously.

A more effective target
Digital tools allow you to focus on your potential audience through the analysis and measurement of behavioral data . In traditional marketing, segmentation has the limits established in each of the actions that are presented, in digital marketing you can target only the people you care about.

Better understand your customers
Related to the previous one, these metrics allow you to better understand your customers, but also with digital marketing a participatory dynamic is generated that we could not have before. Immediate interaction allows our clients to avoid frustration and to empathize with their situation more This is an important aspect if we want to generate attraction on social networks and achieve better results. You should also try to reach your target audience through social networks , it will be useless to have followers if they do not interact with your publications or have no interest in your products.

Exchange opinions
Another advantage that technology offers us in the field of digital marketing is the possibility of enhancing two-way communications with consumers, so you can receive their opinions through surveys, emails, gifts in exchange for opinions, sponsored ads, etc. What will allow you to understand what people think of your business or your products, and where you can improve the company.

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