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What Is My Local SEO Service?


Local SEO Audit

As a local SEO specialists, I will utilize multiple tools to assess many factors such as – onsite website elements, website speed, navigation, user experience, content silos and more.


Keyword & Competitor Research

My local SEO service focuses on finding the highest value set of buyer keywords that help generate sales and conversions for your business.


Create and Optimize your GMB

It is essential to have a quality, well-optimized Google My Business listing with keywords that attract customers to our business.


Create and Optimize your website

The Google My Business file itself gives you the possibility of creating a website , although a little limited but very useful to position both your file and your main website.


Create local citations and Backlink

I have a database of thousands of sites where we can create local citations filtered by province and locality. They are quality sites.


Local SEO Tracking & Analysis

Continuous tracking and monitoring of your website’s keyword research, content marketing, and backlink acquisition is needed in order for your local SEO campaign to reach its full ROI potential.

Benefits of working with LOCAL SEO


It always appears as a recommendation in geolocated searches.


SEO positioning makes you attract more customers and your profits increase.


The more visits to the web, the more potential customers.


The more people see what you offer, the better image they will have of your brand.

Best Local SEO Service Company in West Bengal

We are the Best Local SEO Service Provider in West Bengal. Our Local SEO services are designed to increase the visibility of your company’s online. It is also designed to provide your company with enough tools to match the fierce competition that your industry experiences.

We are committed to using the Search Engine’s algorithmic in order to create the most natural organic results for your success. Our aim is to target new traffic to your company’s website and leave you with the best rankings among the Local Search Engine Result Pages too.

What is local SEO and why is it important?

Local SEO is the set of techniques aimed at increasing the visibility of a web page based on the location of the searches carried out. The goal, then, is for the website of a company that has a physical commercial business or serves a specific geographic area to be found by potential customers who are in that area and perform searches related to that business.

But even though 46% of all searches on Google are local, more than half of marketers haven’t even claimed their business profile on Google My Business yet. If you are one of them, and now that you know the importance of appearing in the local pack, find out about the positioning factors that search engines take into account to achieve it.

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