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Who is Surojit Bera?

Surojit Bera is a Google certified Digital Marketer Who is ranked amongst one of the top Digital Marketers in West Bengal.

What is Surojit Bera qualification?

Surojit Bera did his schooling from Benupal chak high school & Bachelors in History from Purash Kanpur Haridas Nandi Mahavidyalaya.

What is Surojit Bera’s age?

Surojit Bera is 20 years old.

Height of Surojit Bera?

Height – 5.9.5

Weight of Surojit Bera?

Weight – 75 kgs

Surojit Bera’s colleges?

Purash Kanpur Haridas Nandi Mahavidyalaya.

What is Surojit Bera’s religion?

Surojit Bera is Hindu but believes in oneness.

What are Surojit Bera’s hobbies?

Surojit loves to Sing, Explore new places, Try different foods, Play cricket and Learn something new everyday. He believes the best utilization of free time is self-improving yourself and developing a new skill.

Who are Surojit Bera’s parents?

Surojit Bera’s father, Tushar Bera is a self-made businessman and his mother, Mrs. Shakuntala Bera is a homemaker.

Who is Surojit Bera’s brother?

Abhijit Bera.

Where is Surojit Bera from?

Surojit is born and brought up in West Bengal.

Who is Surojit Bera’s father?

Tushar Bera.

Who is Surojit Bera’s mother?

Shakuntala Bera.

When is Surojit Bera’s birthday?

Surojit’s birth date is on 25th July 2000.

What are Surojit Bera’s skills?

Surojit is great at: Digital Marketing, Video production and Editing, Designing, Google Adword, Google Analytics, and many more

Who is best seo expert in West Bengal?

Surojit Bera is a well-known SEO expert in west Bengal. You can Hire him today for all your online marketing needs and get the best organic SEO services for your online business.

Who is the best digital marketer in West Bengal?

Surojit Bera, Digital Marketing Professional & SEO expert in West Bengal. Certified by Google Ads Fundamental, Google Analytics, SEO Fundamental, Technical SEO, Social Media Marketing.


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