Best Google Ads & PPC Expert in West Bengal

Surojit Bera

(Best Google Ads & PPC Expert in West Bengal) Surojit Bera is an internet marketing agency owner. Whose purpose is to help companies improve their business andbuild their brand online. Besides he has provided all kinds of Digital Marketing services.

Our Mission

Surojit Bera is a 20-year-old from India who has made an established career for himself by first freelancing on sites such as and then he started Digital Marketing Agency to help business of West Bengal.

My Mission

My purpose is to help small and medium business improve their online presence in Google search and social media in order to acquire new customers.

What i Do

My History

Hi, I am Surojit Bera, Professional Digital Marketer & Google Ads expert in West Bengal certified by Google. I have well experience in SEO and Google Ads with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry and I am still learning a lot every day. Now I am working on digital marketing over 3+ years and my passion made me confident. Also, help me to take my knowledge to the next level. I was starting my online journey with  YouTube then Google Ads and SEO. I have created this website just only share my knowledge on digital Marketing. However, I am work in Fiverr and Upwork. It’s helped me to grow my skills.

Do you have any local business idea? If you have a local business, already you know how important a SEO and Digital Marketing. If you have a business, this sector helps you to grow your branding.
Without digital marketing, it’s difficult to grow your company because it’s a key part of a business. You can say it’s the heartbeat of your business.

Best Google Ads Expert In West Bengal 


I live in howrah, west bengal and I am also working on some local SEO and Google Ads services projects in West Bengal. It’s a wonderful experience in my life. because I learn a lot of information. How it works, it’s a new concept in our state but this train is not new. It’s already applying to some modern state.

Why it’s important and why it’s needed in our local business? It’s helped you to change your knowledge of how and why we can improve our local business-like in KolkataHowrahHooghly and other cities especially for DurgapurSiligurii etc.

I am also providing Digital Marketing Services it’s a part of SEO and this both are a similar platform. One can’t stay without others. Do you know what is Digital Marketing? The digital marketing method means the marketing of products or services using the digital platform. This will help your business or service to reach your desired goal.


My Dream

It’s not my dream it’s a reality once a time. In conclusion, I am creating an Digital Marketing agency and many people will work there. Already some Experts are work with me. But it’s not enough. I will create a new world and already working to implement my dream.

My 6 Digital Marketing – Step By Step Process



This stage can also be called as Digital Marketing Research. At this stage, i will research 4 sets of information:

  1. About Business
  2. About Your Target Customers
  3. About The Product That You Want To Market
  4. About Online Competition


Once i collect information at the research stage then i can start creating:

  1. Digital Marketing Objectives / Goals
  2. Digital Marketing Strategy
  3. Digital Marketing Plan
  4. Creating Primary Digital Identities


After  primary digital identities are fully ready, i will start promoting them. This is also called as generating relevant traffic. options to promote your website/blog / app will be:

  1. Google
  2. Faceook 
  3. Youtube
  4. Instagram
  5. Email


Once you create your primary digital identities & start promoting them through various digital marketing channels, it’s time to start monitoring your performance. The 4 major sections of  Analytics are:

  1. Audiences
  2. Acquisition
  3. Behavior
  4. Conversion


 At this stage, based on analysis & observations, I start making changes. The changes could be in  primary digital identities or digital marketing channels. Changes are also referred to as content & design of your identities & promotional communication.



At this stage, i create full report with screenshot and deliver my service .  

Why Choose Me?

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My services are flexible giving you the freedom to use the services that you actually need to achieve your business goals – no fixed packages!

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Sed Fringilla Mauris Sit Amet Nibh. Donec Sodales Sagittis Magna. Sed Consequat, Leo Eget Bibendum, Sodales, Augue Velit Cursus Nunc, Quis Gravida Magna Mi A Libero.

My all digital  marketing clients see a positive return on investment (ROI) within the first 3 months of starting digital marketing campaigns with me.

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