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We research the keywords that can generate the most sales and optimize your website following a White Hat methodology , all so that you reach the first results in the main search engines in a matter of days

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Connect with your audience through social networks, a critical element to keep in touch with your audience. We help you maintain a participatory community working alongside the content you create or directing in its entirety

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We help you increase the sales of your product or service through a global digital strategy of search engine positioning and other digital channels so that you obtain the best results.



Best Digital Marketing Expert in West Bengal

What Is Digital Marketing ?

Digital marketing also known as online marketing is basically the use of online strategies to give visibility and promote a business through different digital platforms on the internet . That is, put yourself in front of your potential buyers.

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? 

SEO stands for search engine optimization.Search engine optimization is the process of improving the visibility of a website in the organic results of different search engines

The most important reason SEO is necessary is because it makes your website more useful to both users and search engines . Although they still cannot see a web page like a human does. SEO is necessary to help search engines understand what each page is about and whether or not it is useful to users.

How Does SEO Help Your Business to Generate More Leads?

You can not expect people to buy your product without knowing its name. A proper name with the exact product image on it would help you to collect customers and they would ask for what you sell. All of this will happen if you follow the SEO technique.

SEO will make your website easy to find, easy to explore and easy to organize. Its main purpose is assisting your customers to learn about your business from among thousands of other organizations. By sharing on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin etc, users can also make their product noticeable.

It will increase customers and keep you up in competition. The reason behind it is buyers feel confident in search engine and they consider the website of higher ranking. Therefore, if you are a business owner, it will benefit you highly.

Advantages of SEO & Digital Marketing

SEO is an unavoidable part of any digital marketing strategy. Digital marketing without SEO is just like an outlet without a door or window. The SEO & Digital Marketing benefits for your business are many and now we are going to tell you some of them.

  • Increase the visibility of your business or brand.
  • Generate more leads and sales.
  • Increase credibility and trust.
  • Increase in traffic.
  • Long term results.
  • Improved usability.
  • Fixed investment independent of the results obtained.
  • Long-term high profitability.

How to Choose the Best Digital Marketing Specialist

SEO assists the user to find products and information by search engines such as Google . To do that, an SEO specialist is needed to research and analyze that which is the most common searches online to expand and carry out strategies that boost search outcomes.

You already know that organic SEO service can rank your website for the long term. So, you can contact any experts who can optimize every page on your website and technical problem through SEO service in West Bengal. How to Choose the Best SEO Specialist? Don’t meet one who thinks that only “increasing organic traffic.’’ is everything.

Know that traffic cannot increase revenue automatically. To get success out of SEO, you have to decide exactly what you are hoping to accomplish with SEO. It can be boosting product sales by ranking for certain keywords or reducing the website’s bounce rate or improve your conversion rate.

No matter what you desire, ensure that you are not confused with the results. Then choose the one that can able to meet your needs and works great for your selected field. Find them effectively by judging reviews, case studies, and testimonials.   

How Can You Find Surojit Bera

Search for Digital Markeitng Expert in West Bengal or SEO service in West Bengal . From many websites select one that pleases you. For example, click to and find Surojit Bera. He is a successful SEO and Digital Marketing specialist in West Bengal whose goal is to help companies so that they can grow their business and design their brand online.

Our Happy Clients!

“Sourojit Bera’s SEO expertise is just insane. We are completely satisfied for the web page ranking service provided by him. Carry on.”

Rahul Kumar

“We are much lucky to have Surojit Bera for managing the SEO of our website.He is knowledge and true to his words.”

Chirag Agarwal

“Surojit Bera is a marketing genius. His Youtube video marketing strategies really worked for our official Youtube channel. Kepp up good work.”

Jeet Banerjee

Frequently Asked Questions

The term organic SEO is redundant because the Search Engine Optimization refers to the adjustments you make to your website to appear at the top of Google without paying for advertising ( PPC ).Google Adwords can be expensive and only around 10% of people click on them, the other 90% click on an organic search result, so it is good to be there.

First, I’ll conduct a website audit to find things that are preventing your site from ranking well. Then, I will fix those problems, usually with on-site SEO. Then optimize your site for with brand-relevant keywords. Finally, build a backlink profile and build a strategy using content marketing.

Yes. Search engine optimization can improve a website’s visibility in the search results. That increased visibility will lead to more potential customers learning more about your products or services. Very few marketing services can offer a comparable quality of customer and ROI.

Google warns to stay away from companies claiming to guarantee rankings. As Google’s algorithm changes frequently we can’t give the guarantees. I have huge clients who are getting results, sales and revenue with my organic SEO services.

Search Engine Optimization is a key factor that can help small businesses grow exponentially. An SEO-Friendly website is expeditious, utilitarian, user-friendly platforms that tend to occupy the prime positions in search engine ranking. This availability exceptionally draws potential customers to the website and ultimately boosts conversion rates. SEO further enhances brand awareness for your business implying web users are more inclined to trust a site that is on the front rankings of search engine results pages (SERP). The better web recognition on SERP actually helps the small business to bypass the competitors’ websites. Here are the key benefits of SEO for Small Business-

  •  User-Friendly Websites: Faster, Smoother, and Highly Operative Websites.
  • Earn More Customers: Enhanced targeted audience and higher potentiality of winning customers
  •  Entrenched Brand Awareness: Improved recognition by internet users through special SEO rankings. 
  • Better Conversion Rate: SEO-optimised websites can be loaded by anyone on any device like laptops, desktops, mobiles, and tablets.  
  • Competition with Big Business Giants: Get in front of your target market and steal customers from other massive brands.
  • Access To Consumer Data: Drive your business maneuverings by accessing incredibly valuable data and relevant information. 
  • Reduced Expenses: The spontaneous ranking on the SERP scale organically promotes your company’s presence that further saves your money by excluding the needs of conventional advertisements.

Well, SEO may take time to show results. Keep in mind that SEO is not something that can give you higer ranking overnight. It needs at least a period of 3 month for SEO project. 

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